The Treaty Of Versailles And The Great Depression

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After the First World War, Europe was left in turmoil; tensions between nations were high and desperation for peace was growing. On January 10, 1920, the League of Nations was officially created as the Treaty of Versailles was generated. It was created with essentially two main goals: to keep peace via collective security, and to encourage international co-operation. It was produced with the idea that if one nation was attacked by another, the members of the League would act together to stop the assailant. Members of the League desired to begin a new arrangement of international relations that would assure an enduring state of peace based on a true mindset of forgiveness and compromise. Although member states were originally…show more content…
Japan’s aggressive government was controlled by the military, and acted belligerently towards other nations. In 1931, China was in control of Manchuria, but Japan ruled the railway that ran through. In September 1931, after the Manchurian railway was destructed, Japan placed direct blame on the Chinese. In retaliation, the Japanese invaded Manchuria and created an independent state. China looked to the League for aid, which sent a commission to investigate the situation. However, the commission did not reach Manchuria until April 1932 and did not even report until that October. This response was clearly way too slow, making it much harder for the League to further enforce its ruling. The commission reported that Japan was the aggressor, and the League later voted for Japanese troops to leave Manchuria. Japan walked out on the meeting and refused to leave Manchuria. The League could not agree on economic sanctions or any bans, proving its weakness and inability to handle problems. In 1933, Japan removed itself from the League of Nations and continued to expand and build its empire. Although Japan is often regarded as the sole aggressor in this situation, many forget the hopelessness of people during this time. Japan may have acted aggressively, but only aimed to expand and acquire resources for its people just as European nations have been doing for centuries. The
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