The Treaty Of Versailles During The Great Depression

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Government and politics- The rancor in the Germans, the fragility of the Weimar system, fear brought by soldiers in violent Nazi military groups, and Hitler’s intellectual speeches; is what encouraged Hitler’s rise to power. During the Great Depression in Germany, people wanted someone to fault, and searched for a way out- Hitler provided them with what they wanted. Germany and Italy were angry at the results of the Treaty of Versailles. Fascism gave them control, in all characteristics, of the state. Benito Mussolini was the first leader to establish Fascism. During the Great Depression the growth of population required tremendous food imports. The high tariffs and racism of other countries against Japan restricted the exporting of goods. Consequently, Japanese surmised that that broadening through armed acquisition would resolve Japans financial complications. This time of despair affected the US as well. Americans feared entering another war and therefore turned into isolationism. Science and Technology- With the injured soldiers in extremis from elementary illnesses, the Penicillin pill was invented. Through the Manhattan project, the atomic bomb was developed. Radar also proved its importance during the war. It became crucial for war communication, whether it be for transferring messages to troops or helping one side decode the enemies’ messages. Historical Events- Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill met on February of 1945 for a wartime meeting. Unconditional
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