The Treaty Of Versailles, Reparations, And The Locarno Pact

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In 1919, the Paris Peace Conference organized by the triumphant leaders of World War I, initiate reparations and peace treaties amongst the Allied and Associated Powers and the conquered Central Powers it led to the rise of the treaty of Versailles. The progression of the treaties that were discussed in the Paris Peace conference, are what formed the new countries and borders that reshaped the entire map of the world and also resulted in many Empires becoming economically unstable. The Paris Peace Conference began with the leaders of the Allied Powers and their contributions were: Wilson’s fourteen points, the Treaty of Versailles, reparations, and the Locarno Pact. Their inability to reach the goals of these treaties led to resentment, and eventually led to the next World War. The four dominant voices in the conference were: the Prime Minister of France Clemenceau, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Lloyd George, Prime Minister of Italy Orlando, and President Wilson of the United States, they were also as the “Big Four”. As a result of President Wilson’s Fourteen Points speech in January 8, 1918. The speech was intended to give confidence to the country that World War I was being fought for a moral cause and for postwar peace in Europe. He stated to consider upon open diplomacy, freedom of navigation, trade, and self-determination. President Wilson demanded the restoration of the territories that were taken throughout the time of the war, as well as independence for

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