The Treaty of Versailles Essay

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The Treaty of Versailles Following the end of the First World War in 1919, it was decided that, prevention of another war was an important factor in Europe. The treaty of Versailles was signed between Britain, France and USA. Lloyd-George, Clemencau and Wilson all devised a treaty that could cripple Germany, leading to their aim - prevention of further conflict and a war.

The treaty was to be divided; territorially, military, financially and general. Much of Germany was taken from them, to try and reduce ambition. Major reductments in Military were introduced Germany's army was reduced to 100,000 men; the army was not
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The treaty of Versailles definitely contributed to the start of the war, its harsh conditions left Germany in political turmoil. After several short-term chancellors, a radical figure was appointed - Adolph Hitler. I believe that with out this provocative agreement Germany would have kept their Weimar government. When economic depression hit I believe that the population were looking for answers and Hitler had someone to blame. He achieved power through sharing the same desire, blame. The people wanted revenge as did Hitler.

Hitler's rise to power came over a decade after Versailles. In 1933, Hitler became President of Germany under Hindenberg. He was the most radical political leader of Germany. Hitler based his motives on solving the problems of Versailles, and became strong and favoured through doing so. In the views of Modern Revisionist Howard, Versailles was, 'unfair, and (to place) Germany with sole responsibility for the war was wrong'[5]. Howard is referring to the harsh reparation bill that was demanded. I believe that without the harsh demands of Versailles, Germany would have continued to be the aggressors in Europe, as I believe in the argument of Modern Revisionist, Lentin, that the punishment was 'psychological rather than financial.'

Hitler introduced conscription and rearmament in

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