The Trenches Of World War I

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World War 1 changed the world around it. More men fought than one could comprehend. World War 1 almost destroyed an entire generation of men. The battlefield for Australians were lined with trenches filled with disease, pests and the fallen where they had medical aid. They experienced traumas not yet known commonly at all. The war was not embellished for its inhumanity in its time but as we see now the men and women who helped with the war effort lived with fear of death, disease and infection.

What Were the Trenches? Why was a System of Trenches Employed?
In World War 1 trench warfare began. Trench warfare was a method of fighting where apposing armies fought from and defended their territories using a system of dug out trenches or ditches.
The trenches were marked with names. There was the Front Wall Trench also known as Parapet in an averaged height of ten feet high lined with sand bags from top to bottom with two to three feet of sandbags on top of that with barbed wire to cover from front attacks. The Rear Wall also known as Parados lined too with sandbags to protect from rear assaults. Trenches were in zigzags so that the enemy couldn’t shoot straight at a target. There were three lines of trenches- Parapet (Front Line), the support trench and reserve trench. All were built parallel to each other and one to four hundred yards apart. In some trenches there were even Dugouts below trench floors where some soldiers sought refuge. No Man’s Land divided each…

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