The Trend Of Citizen Journalism

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The Trend of Citizen Journalism – a Critical Development in Journalism With the advent of low cost consumer photography equipment, including camera phones, citizen journalism has become more widespread. During newsworthy incidents many people may be present with the capability to snap a picture. This capability of photography at the scene of a newsworthy event may produce information that can be helpful – and vital depending on the nature of the newsworthy event. While safety of the photographer is a concern – the same concerns exist for a professional journalist. The potential benefit of a mass capture of information by many sources may far outweigh the negatives. If the photographer feels that their safety is not in jeopardy and no un-necessary risks are taken – then photography is acceptable. In today’s society, it is up to the judgment and common sense of the witness to record whatever even they are observing. Safety is a serious and growing concern of today’s society. Many rules and safety concerns exist today which were nonexistent in the past. Research, observation, and an overwhelming amount of information has resulted in far more rules and regulations for today’s citizens. Another part of our progressing society has been the advancement and adoption of technology in our daily lives. Just about everyone has a phone capable of taking pictures. The prevalence of cameras in the hands of people differs from the past – as recent as the 1990s – where few people
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