The Trend Towards Evidence-Based Practice and the Future of Psychotherapy

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Running Head: THE TREND TOWARD EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE AND THE FUTURE OF PSYCHOTHERAPY Abstract The trend towards Evidence-Based Practice and the future of psychotherapy In his article, Thomas seeks to identify certain controversial articulation that emanates from the evidence based practice and evidence-supported treatment. He clearly illustrates the emphasis asserted by a number of therapists as regards to psychotherapy approaches. Some therapists identify some of these approaches as misguided. According to them, some of these approaches which have been undertaken only attempt to shift psychotherapy towards the medical model while others conclude that due to the fact that there is a substantial amount of evidence that psychotherapy is important and significant, it is effortless to try to establish its effectiveness, and trying to undertake that is for no apparent cause. While on the other hand, others give a definitive clarity that it will be not only imperative but necessary as well for psychotherapists to try much hard to prove that psychotherapy is effective of in as far as their treatment is concerned in case they want to be paid. He continues to explain that this is an indication of a core consideration which has blossomed the support of the development of evidence-based exercise in a bid to build effectiveness and credibility of the psychotherapeutic interventions, to be in order with the objectives of the external funding agencies for the adoption of
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