The Trends And Skills Of Nayar

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Corporate culture can be defined as beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company 's employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions (Corporate Culture, N.D.). Global factors that affect organizations are defined as the following categories; political, economic, social and technological. Now when thinking about those two definitions and discovery skills with the mental picture of a successful innovative leader. Nayar is the only name which comes to mind when talking about innovating leaders. When Nayar become in charge of HLC, He envisioned his company becoming one of the biggest successful IT companies in the world. By applying an employee first, consumer second approach and was all applying discovery skills in the form of networking, observing. Nayar transformed HLC. In this paper, I will analyze the trends and skills that Nayar used to influence and create corporate culture, sparking innovation while incorporating the global factors that could affect the organization.
Corporate Culture fosters innovation using global factors
In 2012 Dess, Lumpkin and Eisner stated that to be a successful manager we must recognize opportunities and threats in their firm’s global environment. Which is why understanding global factors and how they play a role within the innovation process is important for leaders. Nayar, now known as an innovative leader, realized that the IT industry was on the horizon and HLC would need a strategic plan. As for
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