The Trends Associated With Management Development Training Program Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to gain more insight on the trends associated with management development training programs. I chose to research the topic of management development training because I am interested in the effectiveness of this training on overall company performance. Simply put, managers are at the core of making influential business decisions. While agreeing learning is a continuous process, are these managers fully prepared to make informed business decisions? One recent personal example I have is when I worked for Enterprise Rent-A-Car last summer. While immersed in their summer management trainee program, I noticed that promotions to management positions were based solely on an individual’s sales numbers. The higher the sales profits were, the more likely one was to get promoted to a manager or assistant manager position – inherently with the added responsibility of running a branch. Immediately, given what I had learned from various human resources courses, I knew this was a mistake. Surely promoting someone solely based on sales quotas is not an effective method to ensure the candidate is equipped with the proper leadership qualities to manage a team. Even when promoted to a managerial role, there were no development programs to ensure managers could become aware of those core managerial qualities vital for a higher executive position. It was still solely based on selling capabilities. Clearly, the Instructional System of Design (ISD) model of training and
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