The Trial And The Murder Trial

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It was a slow morning in Judge Herscovitz’ courtroom where only a couple hearings were being taken care of. Mostly matters in which Defense asked for their clients’ time to be waived and the judge granting them in time waived. The double murder trial was still taking place in Department N with Judge Robinson. The defense attorney wanted to call in Detective Shields to answer some clarifications regarding the news media release of the murder. There was confusion over when the news was published as for the dates did not match up when testimonies were given. The Judge gave the okay for the Defense Attorney to ask the Detective regarding the dates and time. The detective clarified how it happen but didn’t know why the dates did not match up. Her testimony was the last one and people rest their case. The judge began to explain to the jurors the charges the defendant was facing and informed them each of the charges need it to be decided separately. The defendant was looking at three counts; one was attempted murder, first degree, and second-degree murder.
Before taking a break for lunch, Judge Robinson took care of hearing that was quite interesting. It was regarding a defendant who was facing charges of vandalism, assault with a deadly weapon, firing a weapon in a public city limit and attempted murder. The defendant made aware to the Judge that he wanted to represent himself. He believed the public defender he had was not going to represent him correctly. The judge was

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