The Trial Of The Century

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The trial of the century, as most would call this circus in a courtroom, happened in 1994 when O.J. Simpson was the only suspect in the brutal murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson as well as Ron Goldman. I was only four during this trial, but I have heard my mother speak of the day the verdict was read. She said she was in the car and heard the verdict on the radio, she swears to this day traffic almost seemed to stop. It was such a shock to the majority of America. Interesting to me not because O.J. had been famous, it was not the football or the golfing that made this case the trial of the century. It was the fact that with an entire presentation of actual hard evidence a jury of four men and eight women found O.J. Simpson not…show more content…
Simpsons mind. You could observe his behavior, which at its best was erratic, the blood in his house to the infamous Bronco chase. Reading the details of this trial, I personally believe that with all the evidence prosecution showed that O.J. Simpson killed two people on June 12th, 1994. Which leads to the question what could he have been feeling? What could he have been thinking that lead him to commit murder? His “hypothetical” account of “if” he did it, gives you what could possibly be the thoughts and feelings that lead to his behavior. He expresses in the book “If I did it” His growing anger with Nicole, how in their seventeen-year relationship there had been struggles between them that had become violent at times with reportedly thirty 911 calls to the police reporting abuse by O.J. How the night of her murder he had seen her earlier in the night and how no matter what he did his mind kept going back to Nicole, and he goes on to say, “I wondered what their mother was doing at that moment, and I wondered what other unpleasant surprises lay in store for me and the kids.” How in the past he had caught her with another man while his children were in the house and how it made his stomach “lurch”. After contemplating the actions of his ex-wife for some time he adds that a friend by the name of Charlie showed up unexpectedly at his home and offered up new unpleasant information about his former wife. After hearing this information, he
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