The Trial On The Sentencing Process

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The Netherlands involve four parties in the sentencing process. The first party is a judge. The judge is responsible for the hearing, information collection, and the determination of

guilt or innocence. Second party, the “Gerichtshilfe,” works as an advocate to the courts. They

provide the courts with personal background and performance information and a sentence recommendation. The third party is the court prosecutor. They act as the executioner of the sentence and is responsible for enforcement. The judge hands down the sentence of imprisonment, fines, or community service. The fourth party comes into play if the sentence results in imprisonment. The National Prison Selection Center classifies the prisoner and establishes the
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Judges may send convicts to psychiatric hospitals, addiction clinics or prevent the release of a repeat offender based on their prison conduct and readiness to re-enter society. These systems give criminal the best path toward rehabilitation and success following release, rather than marking them as a prior convict for the rest of their life.

In the United States, the structure of sentencing is much more complex than in Germany or the Netherlands. Sentencing structures are provided by the federal government. Length of sentences are determined by prior criminal record, age, and surrounding circumstances. The United States Sentencing Commission published federal sentencing guidelines, these are what states use to establish their own sentencing policies. This creates varied sentencing regulations between states. The federal government permits state governments to use a limited number of punishments. These can range between fines, imprisonment, probation and restitution.

States do not always follow the guidelines set by the federal government. For Example, in 18 states the use of the death penalty has been abolished. Even so, the federal government

and the remainder of states continue to use the death penalty. The methods of execution are limited to lethal injection, gas chamber, firing squad, electric chair or hanging. Lethal injection is the most commonly used.

Parole is often seen as a viable option
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