The Trial Period Before Marriage

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The Trial Period before Marriage PART A For many decades, cohabitation has been a common trend and is steadily on the rise, especially in the United States. It has been labeled “the norm” for couples to live together before marriage. Cohabitation has taken research into a new level and new research is evolving day by day with factors related to cohabitation first and marriage next. The types of research that is currently present in today’s society is information on cohabitation and economic factors, cohabitation and distress, cohabitation and divorce, adolescents’ expectations to cohabit and marry, and so much more. While most of the younger generation population would view cohabitation then marriage as normal, much of the research literature that is available today showcases that cohabitation hinders marriage negatively. This topic is of interest because within my generation of people, majority of family and friends cohabitate before getting married and so far about 75% of those marriages have ended in divorce. Some of the marriages lasted up to five years and one as short lived as six months. I wanted to research in more detail what the major pros and cons were of cohabitation then marriage, since it’s something I see happening far too often and ending in a divorce. As research has shown, many couples have their own definition of what cohabitation means to them, which can surely alter future relationship goals and plans between the couple. In most articles,
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