The Trial of James Earl Ray

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The Trial of James Earl Ray “We knew in advance the parole hearing would be a smah, sham. just something for the media to distort [sic]” (Ray). These were the words written by James Earl Ray to my uncle in one of eight letters which was dated June 8th, 1994, in which they correspond with each other in regards to the case of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Personally, I believe that Ray’s case does not show true justice of the court system we have in place. His repeated denial of a real trial, despite support from the King family, suggests that he may have been innocent, and that the truth was being covered up. This shows how the court system can put someone who may be innocent into prison without even giving him or her a fair trial. This was not Ray’s first time being convicted of a crime. He had a long history of offenses in the past across many states. According to the CrimeLibrary website, his major crimes were committed after being kicked from the army. From the years of 1949 to 1958, Ray served about 6 years in prison for various forms of robbery and forgery. However, in 1959 his streak of short sentences ended when he was sentenced as a habitual offender after robbing a Kroger store, and he was sentenced to 20 years in prison (Gribben). At this point, it seemed as though Ray had learned his lesson, serving six years without any problems. However, once again, Ray would break his streak in April of 1967 by sneaking out of prison in a box containing bread from the station
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