The Trials And Tribulations Of Racism

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The most important theme in this book was the trials and tribulations of racism because it was woven in every part of the plot, it contributed to the conflict and resolutions, and gave the story a connection to current events, helping the reader’s comprehension.

Each twist and turn of the story had hints of association with the struggles of racism. From the trial in court to the discovery of the body to the flashbacks of back stories of the characters, this theme was delicately integrated. In Kabuo Miyamoto’s situation, the court was harsh on his case, and he couldn 't get himself a very good lawyer, as no one would offer to defend “the enemy”. They were quick to jump to conclusions. “He got hit pretty hard with something fairly flat, Art. Puts me in mind of a type of gun butt wound I saw a few times in the war. One of those kendo strikes the Japs used.”
Also, even though the Japanese are a main part of the story, they were portrayed as isolated and reclusive. They were very cold to other people, a result of a mindset of superiority. As they only associated with others of their race, they were untrusting and distant from others. Kabuo didn’t even trust the lawyer who was to keep him out of prison. As the book switches time frames, there were subtle or evident signs of challenges of racial tension everywhere. You could see how this theme had effects on everything in a slightly different manner, depending on the situation. Many of the conflicts in the book were based off…
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