The Trials And Tribulations Of Shane

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The Lives I’ve Lived The trials and tribulations of Shane The road I have traveled to reach this very moment has not been an easy one, but it’s one I would not have traded for the world. I have dreamed about attending DigiPen for years, but I was not ready. I always struggled with the idea that my basics could get me anywhere, I never believed that my work was any good. Even though I had people coming to me asking for commission work since my JR year of high school. I didn’t believe I had what it takes to attend the best school in the country for digital art and animation. As of late I’ve finally found who I am, and what I want to become. But, most of all I want to show people that no matter your situation in life, you can make it. This is the story of Shane, my story. The Past: I grew up with my grandmother in the small town of Turner, Maine. My mother, Jana-lin, sent me there from Salt Lake City, Utah to escape an abusive stepfather. At the age of six I traveled alone across the country with one layover to try and find a better life. All of this happened during the Thanksgiving and Christmas of 1996. But being torn from an older sister, a younger brother, and your mother. Us kids were separated, my older sister Brittney, ending up in Las Vegas, Nevada with her father. My little brother Richard, with his father out in Salt Lake City, Utah and Me, with my grandmother in Maine. My father Andreas, abandoned my mother when he learned she was pregnant, going so far

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