The Trials Of Salem Witch Trials Essay

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The notorious witch trials in Salem began in Spring of 1692. This started after a young group of girls in Salem Village, Massachusetts, professed they were possessed by the devil. These young girls even went as far as accusing some local women of practicing witchcraft. As a frenzy spreaded throughout colonial Massachusetts, a specific court was summoned to hear cases. Bridget Bishop was the first convicted witch and she was hung in that June following her trial. Eighteen other people followed Bishop to the Salem Gallow Hill and about 150 men, women, and children were accused of being witches over the next few months. By the time September 1692 arrived the frenzy had begun to subside and they turned away from the trials. The Massachusetts General Court annulled guilty verdicts later on against those that were accused of being witches and they gave monetary and other securities to their families. However, resentment was still there in the community along with eternally tying Salem to an unpleasant period in time. The Salem witch trials ended soon after they had begun, but what made them begin in the first place? John Putnam an influential elder in Salem Village invited Samuel Parris a planter and merchant in Barbados to preach in their village in 1688. A year later Parris agreed to the job as the minister and he moved to Salem along with his wife Elizabeth, Betty his six-year-old daughter, Abigail Williams his niece, and Tituba his Indian slave. During his arrival Salem was

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