The Trials Of The Nuremberg Trials

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“I told him that I did not believe that they could burn people in our age, that humanity would never tolerate it,” (Elie Wiesel.) This was true, no one tolerated it, many were determined to bring these people to justice. The first international trial, the Nuremberg Trials brought many of these nazi war criminals to justice. The Nuremberg Trials were separate trials to bring Nazis to justice. It involved many people, not just the nazis. The trials had a positive outcome, however some may find it surprising. Indeed, the Nuremberg Trials will be remembered as the first international trials, bringing criminals to justice. To begin with, the Nuremberg Trials are the first trial to deal with crimes against humanity and to involve an international trial. It all began with the Holocaust, one of the worse and inhumane tragedies the world has ever seen. The Holocaust was the attempt to eradicate the Jewish people and culture. The Holocaust killed a total of around 6 million people who weren’t all Jews, but a good portion. They put them in camps where they would be starved, worked, and tortured. The Nazi Party did this because they blamed them for the loss of World War l. Next, the Nuremberg Trials were a way to prosecute the Nazi war criminals. There were trials to bring Nazi war criminals to justice. They were 13 separate trials between 1945 and 1949. To help, after The Holocaust occurred and people found out about it, the Nuremberg Trials were set up. Although, they did face

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