The Trials Of The Salem Witch Trials

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The many differing interpretations surrounding the cause of the Salem Witch Trials 1692 makes the topic captivating as many historian perspectives offer explanations for the causation of the trials, yet the personal context of each historian has determined its historic reliability. This questions the level of objectivity each historian has in their responses to the Trials. The aims and purposes of a historian, as well as their differing methodologies may alter the approach the have towards the investigation of the Trials. Many interpretations offered for the causation of the trials include psychological illness within the victims, the supposed victims of witchcraft were fraudulent, or that social conflicts were to blame. This reveals the difficulty in simply identifying one cause of the trials due to the controversy in conflicting perspectives and the ambiguous circumstances of this event, which opens its ability to be debated and appeals to the curiosity of historians and the audience. The Salem Village community experienced an instability due to accusations of witchcraft, which spiralled into extreme measures whereby many were persecuted as a result of the Salem Witch Trials. It began during January 1692 when several girls began to experience unknown distempers provoking a physician examination to take place which determined that the girls may have been bewitched. This prompted the girls to begin crying out and blame those responsible for bewitching them, including

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