The Trials Of The Salem Witch Trials

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The Salem Witch Trials Witchcraft was defined as the act of invoking spiritual powers to accomplish a supernatural task- such as placing a curse upon a neighbor or predicting the future (Goss 1). In the belief of the ancient Israelites, being able to tell the future was limited to the realm of God was considered a form of witchcraft; these were also the beliefs of the puritans. The Puritans were a group of Christians, similar to the Pilgrims, envisioned a reformed Christian society; eventually they fled England to Massachusetts Bay. In 1628, the resident governor John Endicott was given the task to prepare Massachusetts Bay for the arrival of thousand of English Puritans fleeing the antagonistic Anglican Church. When these Witch Trials started, they were only going by the suspicion of young girls. Although the belief in witchcraft and executions began two centuries before 1620; the Salem Witch Trials were America’s most known episode of witchcraft history. For the first couple of years after the Puritans left England, they had trouble finding a minister to run the church. The ministers they hired either left because they were not happy with the salary or had predecessors doing bad deals. In 1689, Salem had hired their 4th minister; a Harvard dropout, Reverend Samuel Parris. Parris had first attempted to be a West Indies merchant, but after failing in the business he returned back to Massachusetts; and used his college training to start becoming a minister. The Reverend…

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