The Trials of Immigration in America Essay

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America is a very proud country full of spirit and determination. I would dare say we have more pride in our country than people from most any other country in the world. The problem is there are people in other countries that try to corrupt and pollute our way of life. We call these people terrorists, but recently we have found out that these people are really immigrants. This country was founded and populated through immigration. What kind of terror can some simple immigrants cause? That is a great question, but when I bring up the words Mafia, Terror attacks, and Drug Cartels people finally wake up and start to take notice. America needs to take an isolationist stance with the rest of the world. In doing this we will show …show more content…
These lazy methods of customs and government officials led America to have to suffer gangs, criminal violence, smuggling, and Mob warfare on their peaceful streets. From 1900 till the 1980’s you had Murder Inc., John Dillinger, Bugs Moran, Al Capone, John Gotti, and many other men that have made a mockery of our way of life. Some of the worst horrors this country has seen is due to relaxed immigration stances. The Spanish Flu epidemic, The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre, and the two different attacks on the Twin Towers all created by undocumented immigrants. Nowadays we have illegal drug trades, human trafficking, and weapons smuggling to go along with our random terror attacks. I believe that this is a direct relation to the lack of effort done by our government. It started in 1980 with the Mariel Boat lift when President Jimmy Carter allowed hundreds of thousands of Cuban criminals, and mental patients into our boarders to show Cuba that we could be friends (Cuba, 2007). That led to the worst drug and criminal spree that Florida and Georgia had ever seen and inspired the movie Scarface. When President Carter ended his term, Ronald Regan took office and gave amnesty to thousands of Mexican immigrants that would continue to affect our country’s economy for decades to come. Streets from Texas to California would be littered with illegal Mexican immigrants looking for day labor
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