The Triangle Model Of Education

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When comparing the triangle model of education to a personalized learning model of education there are some distinct differences in the strategies that are used in both instances. The triangle model is more of the traditional approach to education, where students are essentially taught the same way and the same material, while the personalized model attempts to give each student their own plan. Both strategies can have positives and negatives, much of it depends on who is doing the teaching. The approach to the triangle model of education is built off of three relationships: teacher to student, teacher to curriculum, and learner’s relationship to the curriculum. This type of teaching and learning requires a very positive relationship between the teacher and the student in order for it to be successful. The student must “trust” the teacher and feel like the curriculum matters to them personally. In the triangle model the teacher must have a strong grasp of the curriculum in order to effectively teach it and the teacher must be able to help the students apply it to real world knowledge. This also means that the teacher is able to introduce multiple teaching strategies to spike curiosity amongst the students that they are teaching. The students must also be able to take what they learn and use it in writing, to solve problems, and be able to explain it. Through a variety of assessments and teaching strategies, students should be able to develop new and deeper…
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