The Tribe Of Caring People: A Conceptual Analysis

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Having different characteristics and passions make people unique, and being able to share common interests with people makes it easy to form relationships with others. The qualities and interests I have also set me apart from people, but also brings me closer to my “tribes,” or the groups of people who enjoy the same things I do. There are countless different tribes that I belong to, such as the tribe of dog lovers, students, sports player, and music lovers. However, the two tribes that I believe represent me the most as a person are the tribe of caring people and the the tribe of those still finding themselves. The tribe of caring people is a group that is known for being kindhearted and interpersonal. We are able to help others around us and listen to those who want to speak. We value compassion and understanding, and always try…show more content…
This tribe values the importance of finding one’s true self and what they want to do in the future. We talk with creativity and thoughtfulness and usually take part in new activities in order to look for something new. There are stereotypes that are aimed towards this tribe, such as the idea of us being “unprepared for life,” or “constantly confused.” These are untruthful stereotypes though because this tribe just seeks to find things that they love, which is something that those who are confused do not think about. The different tribes that people belong to make up who they are and what they want in their lives. The tribe of caring people is one that I will be a part of forever and cherish deeply. Even though the tribe of people finding their path is only temporary, when I do find myself, I will constantly be reminded of what life path my tribe brought me to. Every person has a tribe, and these groups define who we are as people. No matter what, each tribe is significant, no matter how important it seems to others or how many members it
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