The Tribe Of Judah

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Lastly, Caleb signifies faithful obedience to God’s commands and vision in the book of Numbers. He believes God is able to deliver the evil inhabitants of Canaan into their hands. In fact, Caleb is selected as one of twelve men to spy out the land in preparations to take the land. He is chosen to represent the tribe of Judah (Schnittjer 2774). The assignment Moses gave Caleb and the eleven others were to see the strength of the people, the quality of the land and the kind of fortification the towns had built (Numbers 13:17-20). Then, after forty days in the exploring the land, the twelve returned with the report. All twelve attest to the land being a place “flowing with milk and honey” (Numbers 13:27), meaning it was very fertile and that the people were strong. Gary Schnittjer points out, “The first report by the twelve scouts was “factual” in that they emphasized the good land as well as the strong inhabitants” (Schnittjer 6488). Immediately, Caleb’s says in faith, “Let’s go at once to take the land...We can certainly conquer it!” (Numbers 13:30). However, the rest of the spies are afraid of the “giants” in the land and stir up the rest of the community to fear the people in the Promised Land. Yet, Caleb’s faithful obedience to trust in the Lord and believe that the Land will be given to him, sets him apart from all the other Israelites. In fact, it is only Caleb and Joshua that are recorded in the second census of Numbers. The rest of the people die in the wilderness and
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