The Trickster of Hamelin

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The Trickster of Hamelin The story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin comes in the form of a poem by Robert Browning. A poem which has been retold countless times, and has been used for inspiration in many other literary works. The primary theme of the story is to “The folly of man”. The secondary themes to support this are Greed, the loss of a generation of children, and the suggestion of heaven to which the children go. This retelling of this story, in the form of a film focuses on the story from the viewpoint of the pied piper instead of the villagers. The summary of the original poem is as followed. The town of Hamelin in Brunswick is introduced and it is told that there was a serious vermin problem 500 years ago. Rats overran the city to the point where the villagers demanded the mayor and the councilmen that the rats be gotten rid of. The mayor cannot find a way to get rid of the rats until a stranger whom says he can’t in odd clothing arrives at the village. The stranger says that he can fix the rodent problem by using a “secret charm” and asks for money in return, to which the mayor agrees to pay. The piper proceeds lead the rats out of the town by using his magical instrument and returns to the mayor for his reward, to which the mayor refuses to pay the full amount saying that he did not kill the rodents. The piper continues down the street and starts to play his flute again, but this time charms the local children. He leads the children down to a magical portal in

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