The Trinity, The Three Distinct Persons Of God Essay

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Throughout the ages, scholars and different denominations tried to explain the Trinity, the three distinct Persons of God. But yet through the limited understanding of human knowledge and perceptions of God, they were not able to comprehend indefiniteness of God. One of the issues that Christians wanted to understand is the Triune God; in order to understand Trinity, it is helpful for us to know the existence of God. Then ask questions like; How the three Gods united and become One God? How should we understand Trinity? What are the positions and differences of Seventh-day Adventist belief from Evangelical? The scope and limitation of this paper are to answer the questions above and my own understanding of God as I study the scriptures.

Let us fully understand the existence of God, however for us to be able to comprehend God, we must ask God in a humble way to reveal Himself to us. Meaning the core of this study is base on faith and supported by reading the scriptures. To begin with, the sub-questions where does God come from? The Seventh-day Adventist belief stated that the existence of God assumes in the scriptures, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen1:1) . In science, we are taught in order for the hypothesis to be valid it should undergo scientific observation and analysis. In this kind of processes, we are trying to observe the existence of God by the use of scientific tools, in contrast, science should be the primarily tool to prove the
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