The Trinity Wall Street

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I found out about Trinity Wall Street on the Internet, as I browsed the list of religious organizations based in New York City. Trinity Wall Street has a website with url ( The layout of the Website is good, and shows they update their site regularly and are in touch with the aesthetics of modern web design and usability. There is a lot of information, but the site still does not feel cluttered. At the top menu includes Calendar, News and Blogs, Congregational Life, Music, Faith Formation, Faith in Action, History, Webcasts, and the Gift Shop. There is also a search function. Before I visited the Trinity Wall Street Church in person, I browsed the Website thoroughly. I wanted to understand what the organization represented, and what their schedule of services was like. I learned that the Trinity Church is located on Broadway at Wall Street, and that their offices are nearby along with other service centers that are associated with the organization. Trinity's church is a traditional gray and brown stone building, which contrasts nicely with the surrounding glass skyscrapers and is keeping with New York's diverse culture and way of life. The churchyard is surrounded by a black iron gate. There is a simple colonnade around the main church, which also has a steeple. At one point perhaps the steeple would have seemed larger but now it is completely overshadowed. It is a relatively small building in general, dwarfed by its neighbors. And yet
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