The Trip At Wal Mart

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When I arrived at Wal-Mart, the parking lot was very full. I circled the parking lot so many times; I had also got mugged by people in their cars for riding around slowly for a while. It had felt like twenty minutes had passed by before I seen a spot open up in the very back. I never felt so relieved and excited to finally get into Wal-Mart so I grabbed my list and went inside. My list included some clothes, and lots of groceries. I had decided to grab the groceries first because I usually do the longest and hardest task first. I started out in the fruit, but easily made my way to the frozen isle because most of the fruit were over picked or did not look good at all. Slowly but surely, I had made my way down each isle, grabbing what was…show more content…
The man had shot one of his bullets into the air, probably trying to shake things up, which worked, but in that moment, it gotten very quiet for what felt like more than a split second. I could not hear myself think, the screaming was coming from all over the place. Everyone ran for cover. I stood there, in the same spot when the man first came into the building. I felt like I was in shock, I was trembling and my pulse rate had increased. The screaming had gotten louder as he came towards the back where I was. I finally got an idea to call the police but I searched for my phone and could not find it, but in that moment I had realized, I had left it in the car. Another gunshot had gone off, but this time it was so close to me, it made me snap out of my trance. I knew exactly what to do. I broke into the gun cabinet, grabbed a Winchester .308, loaded it, and moved towards the robber. Although I tried to be as quiet as possible walking towards him, he had heard me and started walking my way. I was going to hide behind the counter but I slowly snuck my way into the clothes rack that was nearby. The robber looked behind the counter, and I was extremely happy I decided to hide somewhere else. He searched around, and seen a worker, grabbed him and demanded that everyone gave up whatever was in there wallet and brought it to the back
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