The Triple Bottom Line

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no toxic substance while manufacturing the products.
b) People: people refers to human resource. Sustainable business ensures that fair practices are practiced in the organization towards employees. This can be done by providing fair wages to employees, providing job security, providing safe environment to work etc.
c) Profit: every business main motto is to make profit. Company also should make sure that profits are earned in compliance with people and planet. This would fetch more profit for the company in long run.
Company is not only measured in the terms of profit but also measured environmentally and socially. Triple bottom line concept is not just limited to shareholders, it also gives importance to stakeholders or members of the organization. Not only financial needs, triple bottom line concept also takes environmental and social requirements into consideration. The old and traditional model just focuses only on profit and benefits for the company but triple bottom line concept proves that by just focusing on the profits company becomes unsustainable and gradually starts losing its profits over the period of time. Therefore, triple bottom line concept justifies that if the company aims at satisfying its customers and employees, it would automatically fetch good profits for the company.
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(n.d.). The Triple Bottom Line: What Is It and How Does It Work?)“Captures the essence of sustainability by measuring the impact of an organization’s activities on the world including both its profitability and shareholder value and its social, human and environmental capital.”

TBL can also be measured, it is measured in terms of index or in dollars but there is no proper standards universally to measure sustainability. Few economic variables are that included in triple bottom line concept are
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