The Triple Threat Of Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center At 2

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Introduction We conducted our design review on Friday, May 13, 2016 with our professors and the other teams from our DTC section in Room G205 of the Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center at 2:30 P.M. We presented the problem we were tasked with solving, our client’s and user’s needs, and our mock-up design, the “Triple Threat”. The Triple Threat is a system that places a structure that holds three rolls of netting, one on the top and one along each side, next to a row of up 20 vehicles (see figure 32, and figure 33 on the following page). The netting is then deployed by rolling a structure that is attached to the ends of the netting over the row of vehicles. In addition to asking for general feedback, we asked those in attendance to address the issues of the potential stability of our product along with the problem of hailstones piling atop the netting. Figure 32: Triple Threat Mock-up Not Deployed Figure 33: Triple Threat Mock-up Deployed Design Review Results Our design review yielded many suggestions and criticisms, as well as general comments. The comments can be seen in Table 8. Table 8: General Sentiments from Design Review Reviewers like Reviewers dislike Features to be added Features to be removed Additional Comments VERSATILITY Covers vehicles of widely different sizes and shapes Deployable over a variety of vehicle arrangement scenarios PERCEIVED STRENGTH Structure is large and heavy which will increase user confidence in product DESIGN CONCEPT

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