The Trojan War : A New History By Barry Strauss

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Homer stated that the Trojan War was a conflict that was created from the abduction of the queen of Sparta, defying the peace treaty between the Greeks and the Trojans. The Greeks and the Trojans previously fought constantly and finally agreed to cease the violence between the nation’s strongest armies. Although the Greeks were defeated after attempting to invade Troy’s walls with footmen, they defeated Troy during the night with a trick. In the book The Trojan War: A New History by Barry Strauss, the author creates an argument that undermines Homer’s credibility on his interpretation of the Trojan War. Strauss identifies that much of what we know about the Trojan War is false. Homer’s interpretation of The Trojan War stated that the war was provoked solely by Paris, who stole Helen from Greece. Prince Paris was invited to a dinner where the Greeks and the Trojans were celebrating their alliance with one another. Paris caught eyes with Helen and they were immediately in love with one another, and Paris abducted her and brought her back to Troy to become her husband. By describing the story in this manner, Homer writes to the conventions of the Bronze Age Era, prioritizing romanticism over political objectives. Although this may be true, Strauss disagrees with Homer and believes that the cause of the Trojan War was “more than a case of wife-stealing” (Strauss pg 17). The author believes that the war created for more political reasons, for the land and gold that Troy had
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