The Trojan War - Fact or Fiction?

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The Trojan War – Fact or Fiction?

The Trojan War. Confined totally to the pages of Homer's The Illiad, the indulgent fantasy of a Greek poet who lived over two and a half thousand years ago- or a historic fact at the centre of the most famous quarrel ever? The Illiad is the ancient tale of a mighty city called Troy that lay at the edge of Asia Minor whose prince abducted Helen, the most beautiful woman of all time, from the king of Greek Sparta, causing the Greeks to send an army in a thousand ships to attack and lay siege to Troy for 10 years. Historians have long doubted the credibility of Homer as a reliable historical source. However evidence has been uncovered by archaeologists to suggest that The Iliad has some basis in truth
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The city that was revealed had characteristics of classical Greek and Roman times- a much later period. Korfmann noticed one faint feature that was out of place- a deep ditch cut into rock that marked the boundary of the lower city. Korfmann surmised that its purpose was to keep enemy chariots from entering the city, located it in the fields below and found remains from the late Bronze Age buried in it. This evidence proves that the ditch marked the boundary of the city in the late Bronze Age, making the city a lot larger than was originally thought with a population of between four and eight thousand and completely supporting Homer's description of Troy. Korfmann's team found that Bronze Age Troy had been destroyed by war and burnt to the ground.
They found evidence of violence, arrowheads and sling pellets heaped together suggesting close quarter fighting and many skeletons are found e.g. the skeleton of a sixteen year old girl with burnt feet. That a young girl would be buried rapidly in a public place is highly unlikely unless the city was under attack resulting in civilians dying in the streets. Homer states that it was Mycenae that attacked Troy, and two and a half thousand years later modern archaeology supports him. The excavation of Mycenae as it was in the Bronze Age revealed that all roads in the country led to Mycenae, indicating that it was the centre of Greek civilization and therefore also the political centre – any expedition led

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