The Trojan War : History Not Myth

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The Trojan War, History not Myth

The Trojan War is described as one of histories most legendary battles. This battle is told to have lasted ten years, resulting in the eventual collapse of Troy, under the siege of Greek forces. Modern knowledge of the Trojan War has survived mainly through the account given in Homer’s Illiad, and while having proved to be a rich source of inspiration for other writers, artists, and even filmmakers in recent history, much speculation still exists surrounding his account. I will analyze modern interpretations of the Trojan War and examine both speculation and support for Homer’s account. Concluding with sufficient evidence that has been collected surrounding this epic battle, proving Homer’s account of a massive battle between these two powerful city states to not be just a tale of myth and legend, but actual history.
Little can be definitively said about Homer, however Ancient Greek tradition places him to have lived and wrote sometime in the eighth or ninth centuries B.C. Early Greeks insist that there was a single individual named Homer, to whom they accredit the Illiad, Odyssey, and several other minor works. The Illiad begins in media res, Homer recounts an episode near the end of the war between the Trojans, ruled over by King Priam, and the attacking Greeks, led by King Agamemnon of Mycenae. The Greeks, or Achaeans, that Homer writes about, were not people of a unified…

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