The Trojan War Is A Loose Adaption Of The Iliad

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It has influenced many literature and dramatic works, and it is also the only text that gives collective identity from the Trojan War. Whether the war happened is unanswerable, but the Greeks claim this war as the foundation of their culture. It was all influenced from Homer’s works and the perception of values and ethics from his narration. In 2004, Wolfgang Petersen directed a film that is evidentially a “loose adaption” of the Iliad. Both works examine the Trojan War and the wrath of Achilles on the city of Troy. There are obvious differences in the absence of the Greek Gods, change of plot, characters, and the theme of both pieces. However, Wolfgang Petersen created his own story by changing the direct details of the Iliad to display human interactions throughout the story to connect with audience in order to produce more revenue and viewings of the film.
While the film of Troy successfully represented the Trojan war, it eliminated the importance of the Greek Gods and their divine interaction towards the movie. In the Iliad, divine intervention was the key variable throughout the book. It was as if each event was predetermined by the Gods or followed by a prophecy. By allegation, the Gods choose sides by which mortals they want to help directly or indirectly. It is clear when a god is in favor of a mortal because they will provide for the mortal and have more to offer than if they are opposed to one. Throughout the Iliad each scene is controlled by the Gods. For example,
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