The Trojan War Essay

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Over the past years a lot of archaeological and literary evidence has helped us gain a better understanding of the history of Troy. Much hard work has gone into the excavations there by many archaeologists, and many interesting artefacts have been found. The story of the Ancient City of Troy is a great one, however many people believed it didn’t exist and that Homers Iliad, the story of the Trojan War was just some story. This has since been proved untrue as the city of Troy was discovered, and the pieces of this amazing puzzle have fallen together. Homer described Troy as an exceptionally large city with large high powerful walls, wide streets, twisting paths and large houses. Some of the archaeologists that have contributed to the …show more content…
He started excavation at the site in 1870. Schliemann caused a lot of damage to his beloved Troy. He worked on the site for three years with 160 men helping him. In his rush to find the ‘real’ Troy he dug straight through the other levels until he found a level that looked like it had suffered from burning . He had dug through to level two . He had also found a great stone gate, wide enough to fit two chariots through side by side. This was a massive clue, as Homer had described a similar gateway in his Iliad . As a result of Schliemann’s unorganised dig he had destroyed other levels of troy which were more likely to be the Troy Homer described. Schliemann had many convinced that he had found the fallen city of Troy, but others were not so sure. He needed something to prove that this was the Troy from the Trojan War. Then during his last season of excavation at the location of Troy he found it, King Priam’s lost treasure. He dug out the treasure, and placed them on his wife which he then took a photo of . It turned out that Schliemann’s wife wasn’t even in the country when he found the treasure. There was also suspicion that he had just bought the jewels from an antique shop in the town. In 1873 Schliemann concluded his excavation. Although he had destroyed a lot of troy, he had found where the city was located, and this was something many people believed impossible, he had given us evidence

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