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Executive Summary

The Trophy Project was fundamentally mismanaged from the start. The management functions of planning, organizing, staffing, controlling and directing personnel and resources were poorly executed by both senior and project level management. Customer expectations were not well defined and scope creep was allowed to take place without proper administration. There did not appear to be a corporate champion for this project who could mentor and resolve conflicts that were beyond the authority of the project manager. Plus, the project manager appeared to be inexperienced and was not very adept at negotiating with upper level and functional management to obtain the proper resources necessary to achieve the project
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They also didn’t appear to honor any form of schedule or business ethics because they were charging direct labor time to the project while working on other projects. Functional management appeared to lack leadership and direction across the whole unit.

3. Did senior management appear supportive and committed?

Senior management did not appear to be very supportive or committed to this project. They did not provide vested leadership to guide and enable the project manager and his team to succeed. When problems were identified early on, resources were dispatched to the project but they served to be a bigger detriment than an aide to achieve the project objectives. Informing the senior management of problems at an early stage should render support and encouragement that will serve all the interests of the project team. However, this senior management team provided threats and intimidating management methods. Resources are commonly shared by a number of projects and distributing of critical resources will usually be made by senior/upper management. This did not appear to happen in this case.

4. Can a singular methodology for project management be designed to “force” cooperation to occur between groups?

Some of the characteristics of the Singular Methodology are:
• Integrated Processes
• Cultural Support
• Management Support at All Levels
• Informal Project Management
• Return on Investment for Project Management

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