The Trophy Project

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Executive Summary 2 1 The Major Problems in the Case 3 1.1 Problem Analysis 3 1.2 Lack of Organisational Strategy 3 1.3 Poor Leadership 4 1.4 Lack of Learning 5 1.5 Lack of Systems 6 1.6 Poor Communication 6 2 Leadership at the Top and Functional Management Levels of the Organisation 7 3 Reichart’s Leadership and Managerial Abilities 10 3.1 There is no blame 11 3.2 A Shift of Mind 11 4 Recommendations Regarding Transformation and Change to Ensure Effective and Efficient Functioning of the Organisation 12 4.1 Managing Organisational Change 13 4.2 Apply Leadership 14 4.3 Design Effective Organisational Structure 16 4.4 Managing Resistance to Change 17 Bibliography 20
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It is clear that no organisation can function properly with the absence of their structural and behavioural as well as operational strategies in place. The problem analysis shows that the lack of behavioural strategy contributes 67%.
Figure 1.1: The basis of organisational performance and improvement

Source: Steyn, P. & Van Dyk, P., n.d. Cranefield College - Project Management: Leading, Creating, Implementing and Improving. Module 1 ed. s.l.:Cranefield College of Project and Programme Management Study Guide. P 118.

Figure 1.1, represents the basis of organisational performance and improvement; these three pillars are clearly absent in this organisation as well as this project. The main reason for the absence for these strategies in this case is that the organisation still functions as a bureaucratic organisation and a change in mind-set and behaviour is crucial for the survival of this organisation as well as a change in leadership.

The absence continuous improvement and measuring the outputs of processes lead to the failure of identifying the root cause of their problems. This lack of root cause analysis and process to improve has also caused these problems to
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