The Trophy Project

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[pic] TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2. INTRODUCTION 3. QUESTION 1 4. QUESTION 2 5. QUESTION 3 6. QUESTION 4 7. CONCLUSION 8. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The lack of support from top leadership on The Trophy project compounded Reinhart’s problems and made managing the project a complete nightmare. This was also mainly due to the fact that there was no business case formulated for this project. The baseline plan might have been formulated but it did not cover all aspects of the project plan. For instance there was no clear project objective outlined so the team members only realised that they had a role to play months after the project had started. Had the project…show more content…
Again an extra $15 000 was required for programming and additional storage space. The project was abandoned. Eventually Reinhart was replaced after failing to make any head way on the project. Progress continued to deteriorate and the project was finally completed by a third replacement manager albeit One year behind schedule and at a 40% overrun. This assignment will: ▪ Highlight the problems associated with working without a business case ▪ Highlight the problems associated with organisational stagnation ▪ Highlight the importance of HR in an Organisation ▪ Address the Leadership flaws and the need for Organisational focus ▪ Lastly motivate the recommendations to solve the problems QUESTION 1. What are the major problems in the case? 1) Unclear Organisational Culture and Climate There is a lack of organisational value systems. Leaders who should be playing a pivotal role in inspiring and encouraging those at the lower levels are found wanting. There are no defined rites and rituals as shown by the haphazard way the project is being handled. There is no common ground for the employees and a lack of direction. Because there is no structured organisational culture any variables which should arise from it are not found and therefore there is a high likelihood of negative employee motivation and with this performance falls away. 2)

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