The Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem

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Tropical rainforests contains the most diverse ecosystems of any biome, containing over half of the world’s flora and fauna species despite only covering less than 6% of the earth’s surface. Ecosystems have flourished here because of plentiful rainfall (over 100mm per year) a humid but consistent temperature ( All this combines to something of a nightmare to live in, especially for someone who has never experienced it before. So whether your plane has crash landed into the Amazon or you were stupid enough to follow iMaps when you told it to take you to the local McDonalds, this guide will instruct you to survive in a tropical rainforest. Water You might think this one is easy, you’re carrying a drink bottle with you! But that bottle isn’t going to last more than two days in this humid environment, and you’re not going to make it out in that time. Tropical Rainforests contain water sources that can be found in the form of streams or lakes or even tiny water vines. One tip into finding a lake or stream is look for a place where shorter, fern plants flourish, and not much tall trees are found. If a water source cannot be found, rainwater is more than enough to keep you alive. Remember before consuming any water, to boil it over a fire (see ‘Fire’) so that any bacteria is killed off. ( /adventure/survival/top-ways-to-purify-water-in-the-wilderness.htm) Build a fire for cooking and warmth near your
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