The Trouble With Billionaires' by Linda McQuaig and Neil Brooks: An Analysis

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"The Trouble with Billionaires" Conclusion In a country that is historically held to be the wealthiest in the world, it is troubling to realize that the wealth is being taken by so few within the society. With the wealthiest 1 percent earning 23 percent of the annual wealth within the economy, it is no wonder that so many within the country are seeking change. While the current president Barrack Obama is leading the way in removing wealth from the billionaires, it seems as though his efforts may not come fast enough to save the American economy. Additionally, even with the current tax system billionaires avoid large tax bills through hidden accounts and investments that result in reduced tax amounts. On this point, I must rest my question as to whether the government is doing what is absolutely necessary in order to ensure that wealth is properly distributed. Even more troubling within this book was the point being made about quality of life. While the American dream has always been something worth aspiring toward, the current economic climate within the United States seems to be eliminating that dream for everyone. When a family must have two careers in order to make ends meet and keep up with their parent's level of wealth, it begs the question as to the justice associated with such struggles. Upon reflection I am only more reminded of those hard-working people within American society such as teachers who work long hours to educate the next generation only to receive

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