The Trouble With Talent : Are We Born Smart Or Do We Get Smart?

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In the story “The Trouble with Talent: Are We Born Smart or Do We Get Smart?” by Kathy Seal explains the difference between Asian children and American children’s work ethic. Kathy explains the school systems in china work differently due to the fact that America has the idea that children are born with a set I.Q. while Asians believe that your intelligence is determined by hard work. The author of this story’s purpose is to persuade the reader by proving her thesis that intelligence is gained through hard work. She does this by using a multitude of valid evidence, having a strong thesis, and connecting with the reader though reader oriented language. The pattern of this essay is clearly a compare and contrast because the author looks at the difference between how Asian and American children are taught. She makes a strong point using the compare and contrast method by providing the reader with valid information on the American and Asian sides to point out that being smart happens though hard work and determination. Seal organizes this compare and contrast by making a point to point analysis of Asian and American culture. The thesis of this story and what the author is trying to persuade the reader is that intelligence is gained though trying your best and working hard. This thesis becomes apparent throughout the story because Seal seems to back up the Asian point of view. She uses the reoccurring theme that Asian culture is centered around hard work and this is where the…
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