The Trouble With Wilderness By Norton 533

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William Cronon, “The Trouble with Wilderness” Norton 533
William Cronon’s work on environmental philosophy The Trouble with Wilderness is most perceptive work ever produced. It has thoughtful impacts for everyone who revolves around the discussion of the environment.
The Cronon argues that individuals have to change the way of our thinking about wilderness. Cronon’s article Getting back to wrong nature or the trouble with wilderness describes that the wilderness, as individuals see, has no direct relativity to nature. He is of the opinion that people have excluded nature from their Western Culture. The main idea of Cronon’s text is that people can find a solution of their environmental disturbance if they stop thinking of wilderness as “a dualistic picture in which the human is completely outside the nature” (Cronon). The concept of wilderness in people’s mind was of an aggressive and horrifying desert.
The author argues the issues and troubles with wilderness by using the frontier and sublime thoughts. The author argues that there are two primary thoughts that explain this evolution: the sublime and the frontier. The sublime is about the idealistic origin of a wonderful site that stimulates the inner reflexes. In his article, he wrote about sublime landscape. In his opiniom, it is a place where “one might meet devils and run the risk of losing one’s soul, but one might also meet God”. This religious thought of wilderness was an embryonic thought (Cronon).
In the second

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