The Trouble and Pain Associated With Love in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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The Shakespearean tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” represents the idea that love incurs a price through a range of dramatic techniques. In this play, it becomes very clear that intense and sudden passionate love brings hurt and pain to the lovers involved, as well as their family and friends. In the opening scene of Romeo and Juliet reinforce the idea of unrequited love brings emotional hurt to the lover is conveyed through the representation of the Romeo and Rosaline relationship. Romeo’s emotional hurt and pain, is reinforce through the use of characterisation and figurative languages representing his unrequited painful costs. In the line said by Montague: “Many morning hath he. Been seen, with tears augmenting the fresh morning dew.…show more content…
Juliet’s argument with her father (Capulet) emphasises Juliet’s tone of defiance in her dialogue. This led to Capulet’s tone of rage towards Juliet’s disobedience as a ‘worthless gift/girl’ (‘out on her hilding!’): “Hang thee, young baggage! Disobedience wretch! I tell thee what- get thee a church a’ Thursday or never after look me in the face. My fingers itch But now l see this one is one too much and that we have curse in having her out on her hilding!” In Act 3 Scene 5 reinforces the idea of Juliet’s disobedience and the breaking down of her honest communication with her parent which leads her to deceive them and her nurse This is clearly shown in the scene when her mother thinks she (Juliet) is weeping for Tybalt, (her cousin) but she is weeping for Romeo when he is banished in Act 3 Scene 2 when Juliet’s Nurse says: “Tybalt dead, and Romeo banished. That banished, that one word banished, Hath slain ten thousands Tybalt” The use of repetition on the word ‘banishes’ emphasise the intense pain Juliet feels at Romeo’s banishment, which equalled to that felt if ten thousand Tybalt were killed. The idea that the intense love involved in close friendship may also incur hurtful costs is conveyed through the representation of the sacrifices that Romeo and Mercutio each make in the name of friendship. This is revealed in the Act 3 Scene 1 when Tybalt

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