The Troubling Future of Our Nation

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Many of the problems root from the decisions and actions made today. One of these problems is the overpopulation that the U.S seems to be heading towards. With the freedom and laws that protect its people today, and the hopes and dreams of the golden tan glossed by the Californian sun, the U.S has been one of the biggest eye-candy for vacationers and those in search for a new place to start over. This can stir up problems in all direction. A bigger population comes with a higher demand. If you haven’t noticed, hundreds of houses and recreations are being built all over the country to sufficiently satisfy the growing population. The increase of buildings, roads, and other man-made constructions results in the destruction of natural habitats that belong to living organisms of our ecosystem that can soon become endanger and eventually die out of extinction. If this continues, adequately sized natural environments will no longer be accessible and those growing up in the future of the country will not be able to appreciate these natural resources and beauty that we strongly rely on ("World Population Awareness."). The U.S has quickly became a high consuming nation and at this rate, these raw materials and natural resources we heavily rely on to satisfy these wants and essentials will soon be scarce. Of course there is also the risk and damaging of air quality even more…

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