The True Beauty Of Religion

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Since the dawn of civilization, religious practices and rituals have greatly impacted various societies around the world. Religion is intertwined with almost every aspect of life, ranging from culture, to politics and can even be found in basic social interactions. Regardless of how religious one may be the impact it has on each individual’s life is significant. The true beauty of religion is the fact that there is no set definition, allowing for each region of the world to interpret and practice their beliefs in their own manner. Naming a newborn child is considered a significant rite of passage in numerous religions all around the world. Many religions believe that providing the newborn with a proper name in the eyes of God is a…show more content…
Due to their strong faith, the Jewish community continually looks to uphold God’s laws, attempting to bring holiness to each aspect of their daily lives.
It is important to note that there are sects within Judaism, stemming from cultural nuances and geographic location. This means that there are different rituals and practices between the various sects within Judaism. Chabad is one of the world 's most known Chasidic movements and is well known for its outreach in the community. It is the largest Jewish religious organization in the world. The Chabad movement represents an intellectual, spiritual school of thought established and led by a dynasty of Hasidic Rabbis. Founded in the late eighteenth century, the Chabad movement originated in Eastern Europe. Chabad Hasidic philosophy focuses on religious and spiritual concepts such as God, the soul, and the meaning of the Jewish commandments. Though there are several sacred traditions and rites in Judaism, the baby rite is one of the most significant events of the religion. The Chabad movement within Judaism has their own secular beliefs about the name rite of a newborn child. The Chabad follow the Midrash relates, which are a collection of teachings from the Torah. The Midrash relates state that the Jewish people were freed from Egyptian rule under the merit of four virtues. The first of these virtues dictates that they do not change their names. This is important
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