The True Cost Of Education Essay

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Sashana Hinds English 101-26 Instructor: Dr. Elizabeth Cuddy October 30, 2016 The True Cost of Education Education is the main factor that can give people the means to get where they want to go. From a young age, we are taught that school is the number one choice. Education is the tool that will determine one’s future, and ultimately deciding how much money one will make. But, the cost for one’s future is increasing. According to College Board, college tuition has been skyrocketing. Presently, the average cost of attending private colleges is $47,405; whereas, in-state schools cost $9,410 and public universities cost $23,893 (Cohen). The cost may vary by where a student attends, and the cost is drastically changing. Although a college education is a dream that most people wish to accomplish, there are obstacles that may get in the way such as, current political structure, family income and circumstances, and federal student loans.A college education promises students a better life, but if the cost for that life is too high,they have no choice but to follow another path. The cost of a college education has received attention by many over the last few years. In previous years, many people would argue that a college education was not that necessary for success, but now, there are not as many jobs so more jobs are requiring a college education. But why? Why is the cost of a college education so high? One reason for
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