The True Emotions Of Art

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The True Emotions of Art Art can be proved to be an effective response to an individual’s conflict with the state because anyone can relate to art. Due to the wide range of what is considered art, any person can relate towards that specific artistic piece. Art affects people differently and it sparks multiple emotions and views. Art is also a very powerful substance that people can create by just expressing their emotions. Art is an emotional outbreak in which many seek guidance in and help them get through rough times. People seek guidance in many types of art, such as Music, Movies, Poems, Sculptures and paintings. However, some do not see it as a helping hand, but just an amusement. Can everyone actually relate towards different types of art? Art triggers multiple emotions in people, however Music is the strongest art piece; this happens because everyone is capable and allowed to listen to the true emotions that the artist wants the listeners to hear. With physical art many people cannot see what others see, and by that occurring not everyone can experience the same feeling the artist would like them too. With music the artist can change the sound of the instruments to make a more dramatic or lightening tone. However, not all people will recognize the deep and powerful meaning behind musical pieces, but it has a clearer emotional impact other than physical art. Poems are another art form in which many construct to get their emotions out. The writing
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