The True Hero In The Avatar Film

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Reason is a fundamental, substantial element of explanation and enlightenment; it is best regarded as the capacity of human's beings to understand the many occurrences that life brings. Nonetheless, it is a key section in the scientific method. Researchers and experts have used this objective reasoning to verify any hypothesis. In the 20th century, the objective rationality according to the biographers became spoiled into a more subjective form formerly known as the instrumental reason or rationality. The Insight, which was thought to encourage and create an advanced civilized world dialectically, contained it's opposite the destruction of civilization. Both novelists Adorno and Horkheimer claim that the strengthening of fascism in Germany…show more content…
Avatar teaches that in the struggle to heal the world, birds, animals and vegetation they could easily become our collective allies if we view them as part of our beloved community (Adorno, 2002). It's the utmost high time to figure out how to overturn despair, fright into power and become international co-creators by taking care of our own. In the other hand V for Vendetta hero is the character of V who acts on behalf of others, and in this case, he acts on behalf of all the citizens of Britain who were living in oppression. People in the film of V for Vendetta had a curfew in which they couldn't be out at a particular time in the street. V sacrifices himself for the cause of other to destroy the totalitarian government in a dystopian society of London. People were afraid to express themselves because the fascist police were always watching everyone and people was afraid of being sent to concentration camps and punishing unfairly. V is seen as a hero from the very first start of the film when he saved Evey from a fascist police group who was about to rape the poor girl. Overall V is always risking his life for the benefit of
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