The True Meaning Of Barry's Narrative

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Barry was a man that love to go on adventures and meet new people. On this particular voyage he went to the sea to see eight blue whales. It took hours for him to get prepared. He put on his clothes. The clothes he was wearing were heavy. Barry left his home in the morning and started to make his way to the ocean. The sun’s rays were hitting his face. He ate a pair of berries He was on his way to the sea when he stumbled upon three animals a hare, a bear, and a doe in a forest. They looked very poor. The three animals sat in a triangle next to a tree on top of a large sewn together piece of cloth. The bear was a male with a very lite and pale coat. The bear was eating two items a pear, and a piece of dough. To the left of him sat the hare. The hare was a light looking female with long dyed hair that was almost black.…show more content…
To the left of her was a beautiful doe. The doe was telling a story about how she was losing her husband, a buck, by the sea a few days ago. As Barry stepped forward towards the three creatures, he stepped on a branch. The hare said, “Who are you?” The hare had its hair stand up to make it look almost double its normal size. “Hi, my name is Barry.” “Where did you come from?” said the bear.“I came from over there in the mountains,” stated Barry.“You’re pretty far from home,” said the hare. The doe seemed very timid because she sat on her butt behind the bear. Barry said, “I’m heading down to the sea to watch some whales.” That peaked the doe’s interest. She stood up and asked Barry, “Can I go with you?” She was speaking in a high pitched quiet tone.“We want to go too,” said the other two animals almost in unison. Barry says, “Why are you wanting to go with me?” “Our goal is to find doe’s husband, Buck,” said the bear. The cool air blew. “I'll allow you to go with me.” The animals got up to follow him. The four companions began to walk through the
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