The True Meaning Of Life

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People, specifically, individuals want to live on, they want to venture themselves into the future. we have this will to live on. And nevertheless, unlike any other conscious being, we have to live with the realization, that this will is going to be frustrated, that this will all end, that we will die. Furthermore, we have to live with the sense that our lives, our conscience, will no longer exist – the worst thing that could perhaps happen to us, our will. This is the true meaning of what is means to be mortal. So, it is fully logical to see why some would want to live forever, to become immortal. For instance, on one side of a spectrum, there is the non-human animals, which possess the same will as humans but do not possess the knowledge of death. This means, that since they are not aware of death, they are then immortal. Another example, on the other side of the spectrum are the gods or higher beings, which are immortal, because they are aware of death but they do not die. Right in the middle of the spectrum, there are humans, possessing both the will to live and the the knowledge of death. Therefore, it is reasonable, that one would want to live forever, or for an indefinite time. We could benefit from the thrilling idea that any present day could be our last with the possibility that it may be not. People fear the simplicity of death and do not like to discuss it, looking at the history of thought, there are people who have come to terms with this fear. People who spoke…
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